International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SysMus14)

In association with SEMPRE

Music and Empathy

SEMPRE Conference: Music and Empathy


Researching Music Technology in Education

SEMPRE Conference: Researching Music Technology in Education: Critical Insights

  • iMerc, Institute of Education, University of London
  • Dates: 3-4 April 2014
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  • Conference chairs: Dr Evangelos Himonides (IoE) & Dr Andrew King, University of Hull

Setting the Tempo

SEMPRE Conference 18-20 April 2013 :: 'Setting the Tempo' - The need for a progressive research programme on Music Health and Wellbeing

  • University Centre Folkestone
  • Dates: Conference dates: 18-20 April 2012, including a postgraduate day on 19 April 2012
  • Keynote - Prof. Brynjulf Stige (The Grieg Academy)

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